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strength_training_ipadIt is amazing to be a member of fitness clubs and gyms in this day and age. There are a lot of new forms of gadgets and machines that you could use to get a healthy body.

One remarkable factor of these fitness places, nonetheless, is not actually the technology and machines – it’s in fact those people who’re using this equipment. People of all age brackets and from all domains of life can enjoy the advantages brought out by resistance and strength workouts. Strength training programs are not merely for colossal bodybuilders or athletes any longer. Be it young or old, thin or fat, everyone can learn to lift up weights with an intention to live a more healthy and enjoyable life.

The demographics required today for an average member of a gym are very much different than as they used to be twenty or thirty years back. Gone are the days when the gyms or fitness clubs were considered to be a home to physically best people. Only strong, huge, or full-time athletes used to roam the strength training rooms in days of yore. That was a general perception then that the people taking strength training programs were committed with their training workouts and used to take it very rigorously.

Over the time, however, the idea popped up that resistance or strength exercises were not merely for weight lifters. As a matter of fact, if ever you happen to visit an ordinary weight area today, you’ll see a lot of beginners training there along with qualified athletes. Today, we have more understanding of overall benefits of strength exercise than we used to have a few years back.

How Do the Strength Trainings Work?

Strength training usually will consist of the application of several exercise tools and machinery such as the dumbbell, barbell or bench press. However, an easiest or most expedient way of strength training for the majority of people with hectic lives is by employing resistance belts at gym or home. Whenever you use resistance equipment, your body muscles would be counted against this resistance. Gradually your body cells and muscles will start adapting to extra exertion. It’ll then bring about the enlargement and intensification of strength in each of your muscles – your body parts will learn performing efficient contractions and brisk movements and greater control.

Prior to involving in any strength training, however, it is better to talk to your physician. It goes particularly for the people who’ve medical ailments for example heart illness, lung disorder, diabetes, liver or kidney disease. You have to know what are proper gadgets and suitable strength workouts according to the wants of your bodies.

The nicest thing about strength training is, it could be performed with the minimum and cheap equipment as well as it doesn’t require too much training space. One of its examples is carrying out pushups. You are able to perform this workout almost anywhere where there’s enough room for moving. Such types of movements are really free strength training routines. It would be the weight of your body that would be opposed against your muscles. So all of you who’re a little limited in their budget can yet perform this strength training. You can also consider taking one of the best bcaa supplements to aid in muscle building.

What Are the Benefits of Resistance Training?

  • Increased Mineral Density in Bones

Bones of human bodies are always remodeling which also means a constant break-up and build-up of tissues simultaneously. The most of remodeling come about during teenage years. Nevertheless, with the aging of the body, the density of minerals in our bones gradually decreases because there’s no active remodeling anymore. It’s particularly a problem for women in their post-menopausal period and for elderly people – it usually starts happening in the early 30s. Strength training stimulates the remodeling process and increases the density of minerals in the bones.

  • Strength Enhancement

Over and above increasing bone strength and density, muscles also grow stouter and get more enriched as one progresses in training.

  • Increase in Activities
    Strength training makes one capable to perform more arduous activities. As you increase your workouts, your mood will be uplifted and you’ll get more appealed to an active lifestyle.
  • Body Fat Reduction

Increasing and using the muscle size, strength exercises will in turn make your body consume more energy during work or at rest. The more body muscle means more calorie burning, which will lead to fat reduction in your body.

  • Improved Wellbeing of Elders

All elderly people who undergo strength training will get an improved health and better immunity against the health risks and diseases caused by aging.

  • Improved Heart Health

Regular strength training could bring about an improved heart rate, blood pressure, particularly after a workout. Therefore, the perils of heart attack are reduced.

Strength training, though should be done properly. It needs consistency and commitment. It’ll need to be performed on a systematic basis.

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Streamline Your Workouts

ipad_streamline_workoutMuch of the time, we are overworked. In our society, we can be prone to working long hours, and fall prey to neglecting other parts of our lives. One of these aspects of our lives susceptible to neglect is our health, primarily our physical conditioning.

We try to fit in our workouts in the most obscure amounts of time. Sometimes we will wake up as early as 5:00 AM to get in a jog. Maybe we’ll stop by the gym at 9:00PM a few times a week. But sometimes these aren’t enough. We see our bodies getting out of shape and we try to fight it but it is no use.

So what can we do? The answer is simple: Intensity. This is the word that should come to mind when we think of each one of our workouts. Say we have 3 hours each week to workout. The traditional thing to do would be to divide those hours up into three days for a one-hour workout each. Maybe jog for an hour one day, and then lift weights for an hour the next two.

This is an average workout schedule at best. We won’t gain strength by lifting 2 days a week, and we surely won’t gain endurance by running one day. When we realize this as human beings, we tend to taper off our workout schedule and ditch it completely. This is when we start losing control of our health.

Scientific studies have shown that participants who workout at a higher intensity for a shorter period of time or more prone to continue their workouts for the long term. Higher intensity mean a higher heart rate, maintained and more fat burned. (1)

So how can we ramp up our workouts? This is simple. Here are two examples of how workouts can be streamlined and improve to save that precious extra time we so desire in our lives. For this example we will use an arbitrary character named Johnny Doe who prefers to lift weights at the gym:

Current Workout:

Johnny Doe currently goes to the gym and jumps around using the weight-loaded machines for his workouts. Each machine works a particular muscle. For example, one machine will work triceps, another calf’s, etc. He does 5 sets on each machine with a one or two minute rest.

These are a bit of a challenge the first week or two, but eventually his body adjusts and they are pretty easy from then on. His body gets bored, and thus his mind gets bored as well. He decides to stop going to the gym.

Streamlined High Intensity Workout:

Johnny Doe decides to go to the gym again but this time he will use free weights and compound lifts that work multiple muscle groups. He does the bench press, which works his triceps, pectoral muscles (chest) and his biceps, he does squats, which work his legs, and other exercises such as these that lump together muscle groups. He also takes 30 seconds of rest time at most between sets.

The first two weeks are tough on his body, but Johnny Doe notices something. He starts to lose weight at a much faster pace. He also feels stronger, more alert and focused, and in a better mood in general. He likes feeling this way, and since he has cut his workout time in half, he doesn’t see going to the gym as that big of a time investment. He continues going to the gym this way.

This above example is becoming more common nowadays. The rise in popularity of Crossfit gyms can be attributed to this type of occurrence. But really, the common person doesn’t need a Crossfit membership, and if they have a regular gym membership, this type of change to their workout schedule can be implemented in anyone’s approach to going to the gym. Intensity can be introduced to running, swimming, or any other exercise one prefers. It is just a matter of making the change and letting your body adjust to it. By streamlining your workouts you can get more out of your gym time, and your life in general.


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Now it’s Possible to Design Your Own Baby!

babydesign_ipad appGenetically engineered humans are still science fiction. As every other technological breakthroughs were before becoming reality. However recent developments in the arena of DNA Editing has brought the controversial topic of genetically engineered production of human babies again at the forefront of discussion. This means that through effective genetic editing now scientists can successfully go on to developing better and disease free human babies. But till now any type of genetic alterations to human genes are illegal under UK law. On the other hand more and more voices are coming out in favor of taking the issue under serious consideration.

A study on this area of concern was recently carried out by researchers from the University of Bath and was funded by the Medical Research Council UK and an EU Reintegration Grant. Laterthe study was published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Scientific Reports and was heavily reported in the Media.

And this very study came out with this conclusion that their experiments show that injecting egg cells with sperm, along with Cas9 and guide RNA, “efficiently produces embryos and offspring with edited genomes”.

The study involved experimentation with eggs and sperms from mice as they couldn’t use human eggs and sperms for this experiment for legal issues. The researchers injected a single sperm into the egg of the mouse using the ICSI technique but along with a system that could effectively carry with it an enzyme (Cas9) capable of cutting bonds within DNA, and a “guide” molecule targeting it to the correct genetic location.

This system edits the DNA with the enzyme Cas9 and the gRNA guide molecule locates and leads Cas9 to the targeted gene location. With this system the researchers were able to conduct the edit that they were targeting and have brought the desired mutation.To date, the Cas9 system has been used to introduce targeted DNA mutations into various species including yeast, plants, fruit flies, worms, mice and pigs. However ICSI technique is already in the mainstream use for human reproductive assistance.

Although this research was within the department of animal research and exhaustive research on humans have to be carried out before even thinking of putting it into real human practice the implication of the research is enormous. Through this research it has been made sure that with the right genetic codes now it is possible to produce engineered human babies. And you can basically design your own baby; can modify or opt out genetically inherited traits or change its eye color.

However any discussion on the issue hovers over many ethical and moral implications on such practices. And it is unanimously accepted by the experts that every step toward progress has to be considered with thorough caution and importance befitting such enormous possibility because misuse can naturally lead to devastating consequences.

UK’s Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), the institutional body responsible for monitoring research involving human embryos has expressed their concern of legality as usual saying, “We keep a watchful eye on scientific developments of this kind and welcome discussions about future possible developments…It should be remembered that germ-line modification of nuclear DNA remains illegal in the UK”

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